Million $ Guarantee

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Million $ Protection provides a Million $ Guarantee with $0 deductible with coverage for the following:
Rest assured that our Million $ Guarantee is a complete identity theft consultation and restoration service. We handle all the paperwork, phone calls, and notifications required. We provide you with what you need most: compassionate, one-on-one guidance throughout the entire recovery process. We fill out the forms, notify all entities involved, and help you replace lost or missing documents. No detail is too small. Your Services Include: Highly trained Licensed Investigators are trained to deal with every aspect of the recovery process. From the emotional beginning, to dealing with the authorities, to making the mounds of paperwork as effortless as possible to the actual receipt of the clearing documents you must receive to restore your name to pre-theft status. Every Licensed Investigator knows the required laws (civil and criminal), regulations, terminology, and procedures - all to help victims of identity theft get their lives back to normal.

Restrictions and limitations apply; for full terms and conditions click here.